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City Ordinances

All facets of the Glenaire City laws are covered by a City Ordinance.  These Ordinances date back from the 1950’s until the present time. You are welcome to view the approved Ordinances at the City Hall Office or by asking the City Clerk for a copy for a fee.  The four Ordinances referred to the most are:

ORDINANCE NUMBER 124 - The Pet Ordinance that provides for the licensing and control of animals within the City of Glenaire.  Animals must be registered with the City (at no charge) and must have an annual rabies vaccination.  They also must be restrained by a leash, a lead or housed inside a fence.  In other words, animals cannot run loose within the City.

ORDINANCE NUMBER 162 – The Zoning Ordinance that requires a building permit for all new construction and for many property improvements.  You can download a permit application in the box below.  Please call Terry Seal, 803-6283 for futher questions and procedures for submitting.

ORDINANCE NUMBER 321 – The Nuisance Ordinance, which is complaint driven, is designed to protect the health, safety and peace of Glenaire residents.  Complaint forms are located in a plastic brochure box located near the back door of the City Hall/ Clubhouse for your convenience, or you may call the City Clerk to get a form. A complaint form can also be down loaded below.  All complaints are reviewed by the Board of Aldermen, the Mayor and the Marshal.  

ORDINANCE  NUMBER 359 – The Home Based Business Ordinance is an Ordinance allowing for home based business and other accessory uses of residential property in the City of Glenaire.

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